You see advantages in using micro-mixers for your mixing task?
You want to change over from batch to continuous production?

micro-tc GmbH stands for engineer-like technical penetration of your use-case and customized product development.
Keep your risk low by step-wise project management and low-cost prototyping, where possible with with 3D-Rapid-Prototyping and prior simulation.

CDA and exclusivity of IP for your field of application are guaranteed.

Micro-mixers offer many advantages – from the research laboratory scale to production:

  • high sheering at low pressure losses
  • up to 3 components in one go
  • precise control of all process parameters
  • identical, scaleable technique
  • robustness against mechanical shocks and pressure changes
  • excellent energy efficiency
  • mimimum residence times in the mixing zone, pre-defined residence times in the reaction zone
  • any freedom in the shape and size of mixers and nozzles

Atomizer Nozzles

2- or 3 substance mixing nozzles. High sheering by the use of pressurized gas finely atomizes the liquid media.