Due to the sub-millimeter dimensions of the lamellae these mixers can also be called static micromixers. Even at pressures as low as 3 bars, the turbulent sheering guarantees finely dispersed emulsions or equally mixed media. The residence time within the zone of sheering lasts only few milliseconds, thus no heating of the media, no mechanical heat is added.

Typical areas of application are controlled chemical reactions  (exothermal control!) and mixing or emulsification of fluid media, preferably low viscous liquids and/or gases. Due to the construction principle the mixing/emulsification takes place at turbulent conditions. Pressure and viscosity of the media are the determining factors.
2 or 3 media can be mixed/emulsified simultaneously. There are no limitations as to the volume ratios of the media, even a single component will be “mixed” turbulently.

The internal-mixer allows adding of add solid components if combined with a conveyer, built into the mid-channel.

Technical Data:

  • Housing material: aluminum, stainless steel V2A, V4A, special alloys on request.
  • Lamellae thickness: 0,2 mm, variations on request.
  • Fluxes: 20 /h up to 5 to/h, depending on mixer-size, pressure and viscosity of the media